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Teamwork skills can be defined as the set of inter- and intra-personal competences that enable us to work efficiently in a group context.

Starting at the beginning, a team is a collection of people working collaboratively towards common goals. Successful teams have a clearly defined purpose and are usually led by an effective leader as well as a diverse profile of professionals.

Teamwork skills are considered to be one of the most in-demand skills by employers in the 21st century, as being able to collaborate closely with others provides numerous advantages in work environments. Especially in a vehicle for business growth and innovation.

This is especially because, as we all know, “two heads are better than one” and “there is strength in numbers”. That is, by having a wide pool of different knowledge and backgrounds pooled together, the resources available to achieve a joint mission are more numerous and boost the quality of performance.

It is equally relevant to define teambuilding as the art of creating cohesive teams and facilitating personal and personal synergies between team members. This skill is more related to leadership and relationship management skills, so it is equally essential for social entrepreneurs who aspire to scale their companies. As such, teambuilding is the first step towards effective teamwork.


Why is teamwork key for you?

Collaboration is essential for a social entrepreneur, as when starting up a new initiative – especially in complex fields such as inclusive sport and leisure for people with special needs, which can be a priori more difficult – you will need to pool your work with others.

On an individual level, you will need to work with others in all sectors and at all levels of your career. Doing so empathetically, efficiently and responsibly can help you achieve your career goals.

An example of this is, for example, the co-design and co-creation of products or services. Or, equally, teamwork with other professionals who join forces in the development of a common offer.

Moreover, as we have already mentioned, collaboration with others is a driver for creativity and business innovation, and strengthens your performance results.


  • Teamwork creates professional synergies and facilitates peer-learning.
  • Teamwork fosters a sense of belonging and morale. It also reinforces confidence and a sense of responsibility for one’s own work.
  • Teamwork helps to develop social skills: communication, emotional intelligence, relationship management, adaptability, flexibility, etc.
  • As a driver of business innovation, teamwork also helps to develop creative and lateral thinking.
  • For an organization, teamwork is an effective method to innovate and upgrade operational strategies.


Teamwork is a skill that can be learned and improved, so we recommend that you take every opportunity to learn from others and become more comfortable collaborating with other professionals. Networking can be key to this.

Here is an easy roadmap for you to enhance your teamwork competencies. Take it as an approximate approach to build up your self-knowledge.

    1. Self-reflection on teamwork:
      1. Are you already a team player?
      2. Do you feel confident when working with others?
      3. To which Belvin role do you identify the most?
      4. Are you reliable doing what you have promised to do?
      5. Are you flexible and adaptable when it comes to a group setting?
    2. Self-reflection on teambuiling:
      1. What are your greatest leadership strengths?
      2. What are your opportunities for growth as a leader?
      3. How can you capitalize on your strengths?
      4. What can you do to improve in areas where you have opportunities for growth?
    3. Take advantage of any chance to communicate with others and network. A great idea to test your team working abilities is to set up a professional focus group on the topic of inclusive sports & leisure to come up with innovative ideas for products and services.
    4. Ask for feedback and use it to self-growth
    5. TIPS to bear in mind: 5 Tips For Effective Teamwork
    6. Do you already have a team and are willing to enhance its performance? Teambuilding activities may come in hand to reinforce your staff cohesion and cooperation. Here you can find out some ideas: Free team Building /
    7. Set SMART goals, whether you are a business leader or are aiming to focus the work of a group of people.


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