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TEAMWORK TEAMWORK RELEVANCE BENEFITS of TEAMWORK HOW TO BOOST YOUR TEAMWORK SKILLS ADDITIONAL RESOURCES TEAMWORK Teamwork skills can be defined as the set of inter- and intra-personal competences that enable us to work efficiently in a group context. Starting at the beginning, a team is a collection of people working collaboratively towards common goals. Successful […]


STRATEGIC THINKING BENEFITS OF STRATEGIC THINKING HOW TO BOOST YOUR STRATEGIC THINKING SKILLS HOW TO BOOST YOUR COMMUNICATION SKILLS ADDITIONAL RESOURCES STRATEGIC THINKING Strategic thinking is one of the most important leadership competences and helps achieve competitive advantage. Strategic thinking can be defined as “the ability to generate insights on a continual basis to achieve competitive advantage.” An […]


RESILIENCE RESILIENCE SKILLS BENEFITS OF RESILIENCE HOW TO BOOST YOUR RESILIENCE SKILLS ADDITIONAL RESOURCES RESILIENCE Resilience is the ability to recover from setbacks, bounce back from difficult events and keep motivation levels high. Without resilience, every failure, no matter how big or small, may seem like a disaster. Resilience has been described as the “capacity […]


PROBLEM SOLVING PROBLEM SOLVING FRAMEWORK BENEFITS of PROBLEM SOLVING SKILLS HOW TO BOOST YOUR PROBLEM SOLVING SKILLS ADDITIONAL RESOURCES PROBLEM SOLVING We will solve problems or face different types of challenges on a recurring basis throughout our days and careers, so developing good problem-solving skills will provide an important competitive advantage when devising and implementing […]


LEADERSHIP BENEFITS OF COLLABORATIVE LEADERSHIP LEADERSHIP SKILLS HOW TO BOOST YOUR LEADERSHIP SKILLS ADDITIONAL RESOURCES LEADERSHIP There is hardly such a thing as a “born leader”. Leadership is an acquired attribute that begins early in school and on the playground. As time goes on, education, jobs, and life experiences shape a leader’s philosophy and psychology. […]


INNOVATION INNOVATION SKILLS BENEFITS HOW TO BOOST YOUR INNOVATION SKILLS ADDITIONAL RESOURCES INNOVATION Innovation is the practical implementation of ideas that result in the introduction of new goods or services or improvement in offering goods or services. – Wikipedia Innovation can also be defined as change that adds value. The words innovation and invention overlap […]


FLEXIBILITY BENEFITS OF FLEXIBILITY FLEXIBILITY SKILL HOW TO BOOST YOUR FLEXIBILITY SKILLS ADDITIONAL RESOURCES FLEXIBILITY The word “flexibility” technically means the ability to bend without breaking – either physically, or psychologically. Flexibility is also the willingness and ability to take on new responsibilities. It’s not simply a “can do” mindset; it’s also a “will do” […]


EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE RELEVANCE BENEFITS of EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE HOW TO BOOST YOUR EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE ADDITIONAL RESOURCES EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE The concept of “Emotional Intelligence” (EI) was first introduced by Daniel Goleman in the 1990s, so no one better explains emotional intelligence than this author and thinker. Check out the video below for a brief introduction: […]


COMMUNICATION COMMUNICATION SKILLS BENEFITS HOW TO BOOST YOUR COMMUNICATION SKILLS ADDITIONAL RESOURCES COMMUNICATION In a simplified way we can define communication as a process of exchange of information – i.e. a message – between sender and receiver(s) through a specific medium, with a meaningful purpose. Of course, within this very simplistic definition we should consider […]

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